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Welcome to the Global Family Office Report 2015

Welcome to the Global Family Office Report 2015 website. The report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective outlook of family offices around the world. This 84 page report focuses on the investments, structures, and purpose of family offices, providing longitudinal data across multiple regions.


Investment performance in 2014 has been positive, the composite global portfolio of family offices made a return of 6.1% to the dollar over the year, lower than the 8.5% in 2013. While there have been adjustments to allocations into more risky assets, this did not materially impact the overall performance. Instead, the lower growth reflects disappointments in asset categories, notably in the single most important category of equities. Read more


Multi-year participants from The Global Family Office Report 2014 are reporting higher costs this year. This group of around 100 offices had an operating cost of 92 basis points in 2014 and are now reporting operating costs of 99 basis points. There are a number of factors driving costs.The one most directly impacting costs this year appears to be a willingness to take on staff or restructure, buoyed by the positive investment of previous years. Read more


Across all regions of the study, the key focus of the family office remains facilitating inter generational wealth management. Objectives have not changed in consideration or order since 2014, highlighting the consistency of family office needs. The technical functions of accounting, tax and estate planning follow suit,while family-related objectives, such as unity, communication and education, follow swiftly behind. Read more

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